5 Examples Of Packaging Design That Sells

Packaging Design

Packaging design has a significant effect on sales.

About 60% of consumers pay attention to the product due to the attractive packaging design. Another 50% of consumers are ready to buy unwanted goods for the sake of beautiful packaging.


Packaging redesign also helps boost sales. The English brand Dorset Cereals was engaged in the production of breakfast cereals and was not particularly popular. Its cost was 4 million pounds. After the redesign of the packaging, the brand value increased to 45 million pounds.

Packaging Design
Dorset Cereals’ Packaging Befor Rebranding
Packaging Design
Dorset Cereals’ Packaging After Rebranding

Here is 5 examples of how good packaging design can boost sales.

1.Tallinn Doors chocolate.

The packaging design of this product tells a story. Each chocolate serves as a kind of door to old Tallinn. This design is popular with locals and tourists wishing to find original souvenirs.

Packaging Design
Tallinn Doors Chocolates

2. Essens Milk brand.

Designers of the brand went against the canons and did not make the packaging in bright colors. It is the absence of such traditional elements as the image of animals, jugs and krynok that makes this dairy brand stand out from the rest. The main goal that marketers and designers of Essens set for themselves is to stand out among the abundance of dairy brands and show in the packaging the premium origin of the goods. They achieved this with an original palette of colors that are not commonly used in jelly, by the presence of black and simple font.

Packaging Design
Essens Milk Packaging

3.Little Dish

This is a baby food brand.  The brand has changed the illustrations on the packaging, making them more vivid in order to increase sales. As a result, Little Dish sales increased by 17% over the year.


Packaging Design
Little Dish Baby Food Packaging with new illustrations

4. Wine brand La Sonrisa de Tares.


Designers of the brand decided to attract the attention of consumers with an unusual design. Abstract geometric illustration is placed on the label. Thanks to harmoniously selected colors, it compares favorably with competitors. To view the presentaion go to behance.

Packaging Design
La Sonrisa de Tares Wine Bottle Design

 5. Lebaran Nyok chocolate

Packaging design for chocolate Lebaran Nyok from Indonesia. Nero Graphic Atelier agency developed a limited edition design especially for the end of Ramadan. 6 chocolate bars with language of  illustrations tell about 6 traditions of the holiday and human relationships. Each illustration is supplemented with a small text оn the back of the package that allows you to learn more about the holiday. Such an organic compound allows you to create a memorable image and positive emotions about the brand in the mind of the consumer.

Packaging Design


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